Powered by Nemostar


Powered By Nemostar!

Nemostar is now powering web sites around the world.

We provide the underlying infrastructure, that is the web servers (hardware and software) and administration of the web site.


Rialto Building, Melbourne, Australia

Nemostar provides web hosting for our clients, so that they can do what they do best - manage their own business.

We take the worry out of providing the hardware and software for a web server.



Administrating a web server can be a complicated task.

Having to deal with software upgrades, hackers and log maintenance can be very overwhelming.

We have the expertise to manage all functions of web site administration.

We Can Help In Other Ways

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We can also provide a service where the customer can author the pages and then we can process them for publication to a web site using the customer's standard web site style.

For customers that have their own expertise and infrastructure, we can provide production services as well, please visit our Produced by Nemostar page.