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The Nemostar group was formed to provide a business framework for development of commercial activities.

Commercial activities range from software development, commercial art work, web site development and computer consulting.

The following sections describe the individual divisions and their activities.

Nemostar Pty Ltd

Each staff member with over 20 years of experience

Nemostar Pty Ltd is the organisation which all of our divisions are able to perform their business activities.

Incorporated in August 1988, Nemostar Pty Ltd has been the central authority maintaining control over the other divisions.

It provides centralised infrastructure for the other divisions so that they may concentrate on each of their respective specialities.

Nemostar Computing

Established more than 30 years ago

Established in May 1983, this division has become our flagship for information technology engineered solutions.

Specialising in delivering solutions for the Macintosh, PC and the Internet communities.

For more information on what Nemostar Computing can do for you, visit the Nemostar Computing web site, alternatively please use the Nemostar Computing's feedback form.


Expertise in designing web sites

Established in September 1989, this division specialising in commercial artwork services has grown to include general contracting to other graphic art studios.

Our staff have on average over a decade of successful commercial experience in the graphic arts area.

This division has now achieved valuable experience in web site design, layout and implementation. This web site that you are now looking at has/is being maintained by CommArt.

It is our belief that all web sites are not created equal. With our computing expertise from the Nemostar Computing division, we can implement a commercially effective web site that can start generating revenue or reducing costs for your organisation.

For more information on what we can do for you, visit the CommArt web site, alternatively please use the CommArt feedback form.