Refund and Warranty Policy for Nemostar Pty Ltd and Divisions

Unconditional Refunds

A customer is entitled to a refund on goods purchased under the following circumstances:

  • If the customer was induced into buying the goods by misrepresentation.
  • If the goods have a fault about which they could not have known at the time of purchase. Customers cannot complain about defects that were pointed out to them at the time of purchase.
  • If the goods are not of merchantable quality - a basic level of quality and performance that would be reasonable to expect.
  • If the goods do not do the job the customer was led to believe they would do.
  • If the goods do not match the description given when ordered.
  • If the goods do not match a sample shown when ordered.

An alternative option, if the customer agrees, Nemostar can offer either an exchange or a credit note.

Change of Mind

Customers who change their mind or make an incorrect decision/selection are not entitled to a refund.

Please choose your purchases carefully.

Cheaper Elsewhere

Nemostar does not have to provide a refund or credit note if a customer has discovered after the purchase that he or she could have purchased the goods at a cheaper price elsewhere.

Please choose your purchases carefully.

Time Limit for Refunds

The time limit for a customer to seek a refund is dependent upon what is reasonable in the circumstances of the particular goods or services being purchased. When customers have problems with their purchase(s), they should bring these problems to the attention of Nemostar promptly.

Refunds and Original Packaging

The goods do not need to be returned in their original packaging to obtain a refund.

Please as a courtesy, return eligible purchases in original packaging, as this reduces the risk of damage of which the customer is liable for.

Proof of Purchase

The customer is required to provide proof of purchase when requesting a refund.

We generate Tax Invoices for sales to customers and are offered as part of the sales transaction. Nemostar requests that customers keep their Tax Invoices as proof of purchase.

In cases when the customer has no satisfactory proof of purchase, his/her name, address and telephone number, and proof of identity (i.e. drivers license) will need to be sighted. Nemostar will then attempt to verify the purchase from our records. This will take some time, so the refund will not be available on the spot.

Refund Method

A refund will always be given in the manner in which the original purchase was paid for, unless otherwise agreed by both the customer and Nemostar.


Warranties may be offered on new goods. This will vary from product to product. Please enquire as the type and length of warranty available for a given product.

As a general rule, goods being sold as not new will not have a warranty.

Warranty Claim

If a product has become faulty under the terms of a warranty, the customer must make a warranty claim by contacting Nemostar with the fault details and proof of purchase.

Nemostar will then advise the customer the procedure to have the product exchanged or repaired.