WebDev Navigator Launched


Produced By Nemostar!

Nemostar is proud to announce the launch of WebDev Navigator. With the launch of WebDev Navigator we are now able to elevate building web sites to a new level.

This technology enables our clients to produce their own web pages in an automated way. Showing another important benefit of our production method.

WebDev Navigator

WebDev Navigator is the result of many months work by our developers to achieve this milestone.

With its technology neutral approach, it is able to provide web site building services to any customer with graphical based web browser. No need for Java, no need for special plug-ins, no need for a specialised application.

Produced by Nemostar

This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Typical turnaround times are in the order of seconds.

We like this service so much we are now updating our web sites in the same manner.

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Style Compliance

With this service its is easy to provide a consistent look and feel across all web pages.

This is ideal for clients who must or prefer to have their web pages produced in accordance with a style guide.

Good Design

The success of the site can be mainly attributed to the clean design and layout. This design was provided by CommArt, a Division of Nemostar.

We believe that a successful web site relies on easy navigation and clearly defined function for each web page produced. This means the reader is not lost in the visual haze, so common on other web sites.

We have combined the talents of Graphic Designers and the expertise of Software Developers to provide the best of both worlds when it comes to presentation and structure. This combined talent allows us to produce good looking web sites that are easy to use. The bottom line is that the reader will return to your web site again and again.

Your web site will be the professional and stylish "introduction" for your organisation that will be proud to promote and have represent you to the world.