Web Database Services Available


Web Database services available

Nemostar is now providing new services to its customers to assist them in publishing databases on the web.

The service uses the same technology that enables us to produce our own web pages in an automated way.

New Technology

We have adopted new technologies to generate web pages derived from data bases.

Technologies such XML (Extensible Mark-up Language), XSL (XML Style Sheet Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) have been used to produce the web pages.

The use of these technologies allows us to separate content from presentation. By separating content from presentation we are able to focus on each section without affecting the other.


XML is a standard produced by the World Wide Web Consortium

XML (Extensible Mark-up Language) is a new standard in data representation. Particularly useful for exchange of data between computers, especially given that it is platform independent.

XML allows us the manipulate text based data like of the which has never been seen before with such little effort.

Once the data has been manipulated into a form suitable for producing web pages it is then passed through an application that applies a style sheet that generates HTML ready for uploading to a web site.

Traditionally web pages have had their layout and content tightly linked and require a large amount of effort to control the interactions between the content and the layout.

Once the initial design of the data formats and style sheets have been completed, then the process of generating the web pages becomes an automated process.

Your Place Or Ours?

Nemostar can perform the processing of a client's web pages on their behalf. Alternatively we can provide consulting for the client to enable them to perform the processing themselves.

Flexible pricing options are available. Please keep in mind that most of the work is performed during the design and implementation phase. Most of the processing is automated and requires little if any intervention.

Feel free to contact us via our feedback page for more details.