Nemostar Link Check Application


Nemostar has developed an application that checks the validity of links in pages developed by the in house web site development suite.

To minimise the load on the internet and third party servers, all external links are checked using the HTTP HEAD request method.

The Nemostar link checking application performs all the usual checking of links for validity and it also reports on other information that is ussfull to web developers. Some of the information that the Nemostar link check application provides:

  • Pages (static) analysed
  • Pages (dynamic) analysed
  • Images analysed (see below)
  • External links
  • Links checked
  • Image links checked
  • Unique images
  • Unique links
  • Unique HTTP links
  • Unique HTTPS links
  • Unique javascript links
  • Unique mail links
  • Unique other links
  • Unreferenced items
  • Absent default documents
  • Indexing exclusions

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Image Dimension Checking

The Nemostar link check application also checks the dimensions of all local images to the referring page's expected dimensions.

Nemostar has found through experience, that checking images dimensions is not only tedious, but also error prone.

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